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Girl vs. Girl Mat Action - Charlene Rink and Lynn McCrossin

::: Video 113 (PP245) :::

Video 113

Here is one of the most action-packed, heated wrestling matches we have ever filmed! Fitness beauty Charlene Rink (5'6" 140 lbs.) is put to the test like never before by the super-muscled Lynn McCrossin (5'2" 130 lbs.), who was at her most aggressive in this very competitive topless match. Not only can you see the exertion, you hear it as well! These two attack each other, hard, right from the beginning. The action intensifies all the way to the sweat-drenched ending leaving both beautiful amazons totally exhausted from the battle. This one is a must have for girl/girl fans. Duration: 44 minutes

44 minutes | 463 megs | 19.95

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Video 113 Video 113

Video 113 Video 113

Video 113 Video 113

Video 113 Video 113

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