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Fem vs. Fem Mat Action - featuring Lora and Kasie

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When very strong, big women bodybuilders tangle, you can expect powerful, exciting action. We had heard that 5'7", 172 lbs. Kasie was an animal on the mat. But could she stand the test against the great Lora Ottenad? The answer came early on, as Kasie went after 5'8", 173 lbs. Lora with a vengeance, tying her up with some of the strongest combination holds we have ever seen. Even with all of her immense strength, Lora was unable to power out, and was left with no choice but to submit. Tremendous head and body scissors left her groaning in pain as Kasie relentlessly worked her over. A sight we thought we'd never see was Lora squirming helplessly underneath a humiliating schoolboy pin, her strength snapped as Kasie taunted her. Big Lora takes a hefty beating in this tape.

40 minutes | 132 megs | 19.95

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