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Mixed Mat Action - featuring Renee O'Neill and Chase

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Video 50

Renee claimed she was only 160 lbs., but when you compare the physiques of the two competitors on this tape, she sure appears a good 15 lbs. heavier. Those massive gluteus and thighs could just swallow a man! Speaking with utmost awe and respect, her's is a workhorse body of magnificent proportions. The only problem for Chase is that the aggressive redhead spends most of her time in the saddle, riding her little 155 lbs. pony to exhaustion. Chase's face is mashed into Renee's armor plated (all pec) chest, and he is lifted effortlessly, and pinned "schoolboy style" with Renee's weight on his neck. The most damaging holds of all are the incredible headscissors where Renee yanks Chase's head high into her thighs and applies a monster squeeze. To make matters worse, the female verbally taunts her victim throughout the tape, making the whole thing doubly exciting.

44 minutes | 474 megs | 19.95

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Video 50 Video 50

Video 50 Video 50

Video 50 Video 50

Video 50 Video 50

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