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Video D11

   Do you really need a written description of this video? Would it matter if you knew she was a top dollar fashion model, sought out by the world's most celebrated designers? Or a regional body building champion? What would you guess she drives? Maybe a white (custom) Mercedes? We're very sorry. We could not get the car up the stairs. But we did luck out with the lady, and what you are going to see on this tape is likely to dislocate your eyeballs from their sockets. 5'9", 140lbs. of stunning physical appeal every inch of her body built to perfection. Perhaps the 'ultimate' female-in scenes and attire which you may have thought you would never be privileged to see. Look for yourself. Erika will show you why a major magazine recently called her 'The most sensual woman in America'!! We can hardly believe we actually filmed it.

47 minutes | 116 megs | 18.95

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Video D11 Video D11

Video D11 Video D11

Video D11 Video D11

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