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   Don't mess with another woman's clothes, let alone her man, especially if your an equally appealing female! JoAnn learns the hard way when she tries to invade Amy's "territory", as you can readily see, the results spell trouble in fox city. The beautiful brunette's clothes are literally ripped to shreds by her furious roommate, who actually draws blood (for real) in the encounter.
   Before being manhandled out the door, JoAnn gets in some good licks, too. There's hair pulling, crotch and nipple torment, and other rough tactics employed as each woman struggles to show who's boss. Lots of exciting nude action with magnificent bodies (and plenty of verbal abuse, as well)!

59 minutes | 204 megs | 18.95

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Video FF7 Video FF7

Video FF7 Video FF7

Video FF7 Video FF7

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