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   Two girlfriends sitting around the house are itching for some kinky excitement. They decide to order up a delivery boy & some plastic wrap and when he arrives he walks into a trap he could never have imagined!

He is made to sit and drool while the horny pair of female degenerates wrap the clinging tight rolls of plastic around and around their luscious derrieres! One girl has a tight petite ass and body while the other has a full round ass that is built to provide an ass-pounding, and that she does!

They both take turns attacking and face sitting him (separately & together). He is bound, abused & pleasured by the plastic wrap wielding pair and made to inhale ass, pussy and even a foot! It gets even better as his cock is whipped out, wrapped and sucked! They even decide to let him pound some pussy! When they are through with him he is unwrapped and thrown out.

52 minutes | 18.95

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Video k1 Video k1 Video k1

Video k1 Video k1 Video k1

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