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   Zena stands 5'7", weights 120 lbs., is 19 years old and has the worlds hairiest bush! Completely natural. There's not an ounce of fat on this Italian super fox. In scene one, Zena is naked on the bed doing a very real slow sensuous and completely natural masturbation scene. T he camera just watches as she takes her time and explodes with orgasmic delight. It's real.

In scene two, we shoot some Hustler type mens magazine poses. We spend a lot of time on the crotch and butt so as to satisfy the most discriminating bush examination. Nothing is left to the imagination as we use clear, even lighting, no dark shadows in the crotch area. Ever!

In scene three, Zena hits the shower. She literally pours a full bottle of shampoo over her naked body and does some wet and messy posing. Lots of lather.

In scene four, Zena plays with an extremely large life like dildo. You have to see it to believe it! In the final scene, Zena masturbates again with a surprise facial finish, shocking!

Gentlemen, if you're a hirsute collector you must see this tape! Nineteen year old hirsutes are very rare.

25 minutes |116 megs | 18.95

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Video st20 Video st20

Video st20 Video st20

Video st20 Video st20

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