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Video 221

Over the past 20 years I've had the pleasure of experiencing many great pairs of female legs. Often people ask me "who was the very best of all?" The answer depends on your frame of reference. Are you talking wrestling, pure strength, muscular appearance, or what? I'll just say this: I've felt stronger legs, seen bigger legs, and more flexible legs, but in 20 years I've never seen legs that do for me what this dancer's does. From her strong, deeply arched feet to her tiny ankles... from her baseball sized calves up to the cable like hamstrings which tie directly in to her large rock hard glute muscles, the exotic Monica's lower body is the most awesomely appealing I've witnessed in my lifetime. She drives me absolutely out of my mind with the hottest, briefest outfits and the sexiest flexing and dancing imaginable. ln fact, l "lost it" during the taping, setting the camera on auto pilot and jumping into the scene myself. The urge was just too great not to dig my fingers into the deep splits of her bulging calves and all the way up the ridges of her protruding hamstrings as she bent over in a sexy nightgown, I felt muscles in places where l didn't know they existed! You're also going to be privy to some wild bed action, a soapy romp in the tub, dancing pecs, and much much more. It was an evening I will cherish forever, and we all can relive it whenever we want on this super video!

Duration: 80 mins.

80 minutes /532 megs| 19.95

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Video 221 Video 221

Video 221 Video 221

Video 221 Video 221

Video 221 Video 221

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