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TPC26 - Tease Times Two

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Video 237

Diana is hard at work practicing a sexy routine for an upcoming fitness contest, when her friend Karen walks in. The hot blonde urges Karen to incorporate more "tease" into her muscle posing, and she herself needs some tips on better flexing, "Let me show you how to use your butt to tease and freak out guys!" At first tentative, the powerfully built brunette soon picks up on "how to do it", and ultimately the whole thing gets down to devising sexy poses for their boyfriends. Really enticing dancing, sensual posing, and very alluring attire are featured as these two contrasting beauties compete for your attention. Whom will you choose, the lush, tightly muscled blonde with the perfect bikini body, or the shorter, ex-cheerleader brunette with those gorgeous, bulging leg muscles? Tough choice? Don't worry, there's no real need to choose. You can have them both on this one teasingly entertaining tape. 85 minutes

Duration: 85 mins.

85 Mins./ 626 megs | 19.95

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Video 237 Video 237

Video 237 Video 237

Video 237 Video 237

Video 237 Video 237

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