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TPC20 - An Invitation to Grab

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Video 239

"I like my muscles grabbed!", states Lucy, which should tell you that she's a very physical person. She also likes wrestling guys into submission, and you can be sure that after 15 years of heavy weight training (15" arms, 44" chest, 275 lb. bench, and 1,000 lb. Leg press) she has the power to back up her claim. In the first part of the tape the long haired blonde shows you some of her gym training, giving you plenty of provocative muscle talk to fuel your fire. Going home to relax, she changes into sexy lingerie, further appealing to your muscle desires. Now comes the really good part. Wait 'til you see her friend Andrea. She's gorgeous, and what a hunk! The two women get it on in a sensual, lengthy massage scene that ranks up there with the best. Lucy and Andrea give you some exciting footage on this tape, one which should be in your video library.

Duration: 54 mins.

54 Mins./ 498 megs | 19.95

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Video 239 Video 239

Video 239 Video 239

Video 239 Video 239

Video 239 Video 239

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