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TPC21 - Kathy in Private

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You never know, do you? Sometimes the people who seem kind of shy in public are quite the opposite when you get them alone. Take Kathy for example. Her idea of "prepping" the day before a big show is to go on a shopping spree - for the hottest, sexiest outfits she can find, then go back to her room and flex in them! I happened to catch her in the store, and she invited me back to her room...to shoot! Talk about a gorgeous physical specimen. This girl has a pair of the most perfectly muscled legs in bodybuilding, together with highly developed "powerlifter's glutes" and back, and a thick upper body loaded with mature, feminine firepower. And the outfits? I just never would have thought of HER doing this stuff if I didn't have it on film. Kathy's appeal is tremendous, and now you can be privy to it too when you join us. Oh, and did I mention her chest? I'll go out on a limb and say it's the most perfectly built of them all. You'll get a strong indication of why!

Duration: 61 mins.

61 Mins./ 560 megs | 19.95

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Video 240 Video 240

Video 240 Video 240

Video 240 Video 240

Video 240 Video 240

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