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Video 29

Don't you think it would be great if we had all girl "couples" posing routines? Well, foxy blonde Amy and gorgeous, thickly muscled Suzan are planning just that. Of course, anytime these two get together, they soon tend to wander into less strenuous activities, like sexy massages, playing in the Jacuzzi, and grabbing some rays. But they actually do get some dual posing in as well. This is the only tape ever shot of these two exciting fitness women cavorting together. There is no question that they really dig each other. Both of them just ooze with appeal, and you're in for loads of fun!

60 minutes | 303 megs | 19.95

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Video 29 Video 29

Video 29 Video 29

Video 29 Video 29

Video 29 Video 29

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