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Young Cindy is on the couch wrapped in a skimpy towel talking on the phone. The doorbell rings and she realizes that she is running late for her first date with Rodger. After she lets him in she tells him to wait while she showers. Rodger waits and waits as Cindy starts to enjoy the shower too much. Who could resist watching as nubile Cindy lets the water run down the crack of her ass, her long legs and her perfect breasts! Not Rodger as he peeks in on her "shower performance". Things turn serious though when he accidentally pulls down the shower curtain and exposes his voyeuristic ways. Cindy comes out of the shower barely containing her ripe body and she nails him for being a pervert. Then things turn rough as she takes out her anger on him. In the fight Cindy has her dress ripped off her body and Rodger is "treated" to a full menu of T & A in his face. Does he learn his lesson? You be the judge...

Face Crusher

If there is a lesson to be learned here it is not to screw around with a lesbian's girlfriend. This biker chick likes the rough stuff anyway and once she gets hold of her girlfriend's new boyfriend there is hell to pay. First he is handcuffed and dominated. Then her clothes come off - everything except her leather boots. What doesn't she use to pound this guy! Tit smothering, leg holds and of course bare assed face squatting. By the time she is through with him he has learned a lesson the hard way, by taking her ass head on!

57 minutes | 196 megs | 19.95

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Video mixwr3 Video mixwr3

Video mixwr3 Video mixwr3

Video mixwr3 Video mixwr3

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