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Showgirl Smother
Beautiful ass, perky tits inches from your face... you've been in the strip clubs before and wanted them. Now the tables have been turned in this club and our victim is the hunted! After Rodger takes his girlfriend to his favorite strip club she freaks out and pays sultry stripper Jessica to teach him a lesson. Our man Rodger is taunted and teased until Jessica rips him from his bar stool and slams him to the stage... then he gets the ride of his life. Non-stop wrestling action, buns in the face, and more! Watch as showgirl becomes predator in this story that proves there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!

Lust Lotion
Paige runs a store that sells erotic items, but not just any plain old sex toys, she sells lust-in-a-bottle. Jim has been watching voluptuous Paige for a long time and now he has heard she is peddling lust lotion. He figures this is the time to make his move and goes to her shop and tries to buy a bottle. After talking her into selling her top-secret lotion he asks for a demo in the back room. She pulls off her clothes and lathers on the lotion. He starts to rub it on her legs, ass, and then her feet! After he starts getting in to it he confesses that he really isn't interested in the lotion he just wants her. Paige does not believe this creep and she makes the couch her fighting arena as she goes to town on Jim. Paige pulverizes Jim, as she grinds her pussy all over his face and leaves him gasping for air! After she wins the battle, Paige does a solo lotion rub down that Jim only wishes he could have been involved in!

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